Getting 30 in Ibiza !

Where else can you turn 30 better than in IBIZA?!?

For the first time we went on a holiday without the girls.
When you become a mom it's sometimes difficult to leave them behind,
but we had an amazing time also and it was good as a couple too.
The girls loved their time spend with family so .. 💕

We stayed in the calm Figueretas, Hotel Don Quijote.
Just basic, but great for a party holiday.
I really liked the boulevard in Figueretas,
quiet beach, an awesome view
and really good affordable restaurants.

A good tip when you want to visit lots of clubs,
never pay the full price at the entrance.

You can get easily on every guest list by asking
PR club people who are all over the island.
They sell packages, you pay € 20 for entrance
in a bar with 2H free drinks and
they put you on 4 or 5 guest list of your choice.
When you are on the guest list,
you have to be present in the club before a certain time.

First day when we arrived,
we took a visit to the hippy market "Punta arabi"
It has a cool vibe and lot's of people but I expected more..
Not really stuff I would buy on the market.

Be sure, when you leave the market and
you need to take a cab, you wait at the taxi lane.
We didn't knew there was something like "TAXI LANES"
and just started walking back to stop a taxi on our way.
But NOPE, none of them stopped or were full.

There is some kinda rule in Ibiza that
cabs can't stop 1 km between taxi lanes in.


Our first club we did was DC-10.
Great club, with hard kinda style of music (at least that night)
Outside you can see the planes fly over real close while partying.
That was AWESOME.

Next party we did was in the Ushuaia Hotel - Ants
It already starts around noon in a smaller part of the hotel,
but the best part is when the big stage opens at 8pm
Huge opening show with fireworks, women dancing in cages
and everywhere around the big pool.. This was so cool!
Make sure you ate good before partying,
cuz none of the clubs sell food.
And when you leave the club/hotel, you can not come back in.


Next evening we took it to "Space" - Glitterbox
Also one of the big names on Ibiza!
This was in my opinion the best night..
Big club, a bit crowdy but all right.
The whole night, dragqueens were dancing at the stage.
A guy was playing
the saxophone, so lot's of entertainment.
Music was real funky and danceable.

When we heard Solomon was coming to Destino,
we all were excited... but the disappointment
was big when we arrived at this beautiful hotel.
It is really amazing WHEN YOU ARE A GUEST AT THIS HOTEL!
Not when you are on the guest list for the party,
or worse you paid to enter the party!!!
We were there really early because of the guest list,
Solomon was playing around 9pm, so can you imagine:
At least, Solomon was the bomb and we danced or asses off!

The last club we went to was Amnesia,the biggest of them all, with lot's of different rooms.
But here we didn't stay long so I can not say much about the club.
What I saw was cool and really worth to check it out!
None of the clubs we did, had a specific dresscode,
so you can go all the way in Ibiza!


Because of all the rumors you hear about Bora-Bora beach,
we decided to take a visit and party at the beach!
Actually it's just a crowded beach where some music is playing,
but nobody was dancing or having any fun so we also left!
They did ask or several times if we wanted to buy
some illegal stuff..
So I suppose everybody was still recovering from last night
and we went in the wrong time?!


Besides partying,
we also hired a scooter
and drove around the island.
This was really the best part of all!
The island is so beautiful and relaxed.
Because we didn't really knew where we were driving,
we found the most amazing places by luck.
We followed a small rocky path and left the scooters behind.
Climbed a bit of rocks to find an amazing place
where we chilled for a while!

This is a MUST-DO when you visit the island!
But be careful..



Because breakfast in our hotel wasn't that special,
we went every morning to the Boulevard in Figueretas.
There we ate breakfast for €7 with
fresh juice, eggs, fruits, toasts..

and FREE WIFI !!
The women who served us was Belgian too.



We definitely go back !!!  


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