Pairi Daiza

After our Ibiza Holiday, we are so happy to spend some quality time with our girls 💕

First Zoo we visit was Pairi Daizi
Really the most beautiful one we did. 
Only 1 disadvantage for disabled people or strollers, not always easy access or you have to make a detour.
Really hard work to get everywhere with the stroller but yeah it was surely worth it.
The girls had a great time and loved the kids farm.
and off course our outfits were still a bit in Ibiza style 😊
Outfit: Primark body, Adidas shorts, Mango sneakers
Kids outfit: Ibiza market dress, Zara Sandals


They also have a big playground, really cool for the kids so we let them play a little and ate something. After playtime it was necessary to switch clothes 😲
Almost time to go back home after choosing a stuffed animal in the shop and visit the kids farm for the last time 😊


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