Let's have a picknick

Nothing I rather do when we have good weather in Belgium,
than going to the beach and have a picknick

We don't like the busy beaches like Blankenberge & Oostende.
When we go to the beach, we want some peace.
So we already found some cool places to go to.
When we take the stroller with us, we go to Zeebrugge.
There you can ride with the stroller on the beach, they made a road in the sand and you can walk as far as the dunes.
Nothing much to do at the Zeebrugge beach, so that makes it most of the time very quiet and we LOVE it!
Another place we go a lot are the dunes of Bredene & De Haan.
You can stop and park the car ride next to the dunes and just go up, find yourself a private place and enjoy the awesome view.



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