Olmense Zoo

This time we took a trip to the Olmense Zoo.

We were a bit disappointed about the bad condition of the Zoo. It looks really old and some of the animals live in too small cages.
Anyway I believe there is maybe not enough money to renew the Zoo, we didn't let it spoil the fun.
The kids loved every bit of it.

Inside you have also a huge bird area, that was really cool. .
There were even monkey's running around 😃
The giraffes had a huge living space with a big stair and platform for the people who wanted to pet them. This was so AWESOME.
The kids farm was also lot's of fun.

So we had a great family day!

outfit: H&M salopet, Zara top, Adidas shoes
kids outfit: Cos I said so sweater, H&M pants, Wibra tshirt




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