Tourist in own Country


Because of the new hype "Catch them all", off course Pokémon !
(not my kinda thing but yeah)
Daddy doesn't mind going on a trip in own country.
So we are visiting all the parks in Belgium,
you don't hear me complaining.
Family time, except for the times he starts running like a mad man because there is a rare Pokémon somewhere
(can't stop laughing)
So today we visited the Jubelpark in Brussel.
It was a long time ago and I forgot it was such a beautiful park to visit.  You have the great arch where you can walk through and we even enjoyed an ice-cream.
Such a beautiful autumn day and daddy catched a lot of Pokémons 😆
Everybody happy!
outfit: Boohoo parka - Calvin klein sweater - Zara jeans - Adidas sneakers - Boohoo cap
outfit kids: H&M jacket - Zeeman leggings - Timberland shoes





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