We went creeping around in Wachtebeke for the Halloween Walk but the kids didn't think it was spooky at all, they enjoyed the lights and special effects 😂👻
And off course the amazing firework, at first Maroo was a bit scared but as soon as she saw Mila being enthusiastic everything was all right !
I made them a cape for the walk, so they could dress up as little witches
We also did trick or treat in our street, but most of the people didn't know what to do after the kids shouted
 So I had to explain that they wanted a bit of candy. So funny !
I guess next year, the neighbours will make sure there is enough candy in the house.
The kids loved it to scare people and to receive so much candy but
they were a bit disappointed when we came home that they couldn't eat all the candy in once 😋



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