Family Trip to Berlin

Our girls flew for the first time
and they were so excited!!
I have to say, we talked about it a lot
so they were prepared for the flight.
They knew we would fly high in the sky between the clouds.
I told them their ears would maybe hurt a little
but in the meanwhile they would feel
butterflies in their stomach.
And that they don't have to be afraid, it's fun to fly.  
So they looked forward to it and we had a really nice flight.
At first Maroo didn't knew what was happening
and her face was so funny and scared 😵
As soon as she saw Mila being enthusiastic and laughing,
her happy face was back on !
Most of the flight they played on their Ipad's,
so actually they didn't notice anything 😃
You have a really good app from Nickelodeon,
for 1,99 $ a month you can download movies from Dora,
Paw patrol etc to watch offline.

We stayed in the Holiday Inn,
just a basic room with 2 big beds.
And there was a local speciality
in the room when we checked in.
Descent breakfast too.

The first thing we did was visit "Alexanderplatz",
one of the most famous squares in Berlin.

You have the world clock and the "Fernsehturm" over there.

Because we went in the Holidays, there was a big Xmas market

with a lovely carousel for the kids.



Next stop was the The Brandenburg Gate.
Because of the latest attack it was colored with the German flag. 😢
Beautiful to see, but so sad!
This place is a must-see when you visit Berlin.

 We did a lot of Xmas markets,
but the most beautiful one is on the "GendarmenMarkt".
You have to pay 2 EUR to enter, but it's worth the money.
The setting is real cool between the concert hall,
the German church and French church.
In the middle, there's a stage where ballerina's
and musicians are performing.

Because the kids are still so little,
it was not easy to visit a lot on such a short time. 
We still use their McClaren stroller
when we have to walk long distances.
Really happy about these,
but not that handy 
when you have to take the underground constantly. So I would not
 recommend citytripping with
2 little kids in a city with a lot of
cultural history like Berlin.
It was fun, but in the end we were both exhausted.
Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin Cathedral Church
The Reichstag building
For the kids it wasn't easy too,
cuz most of the time they sad in their stroller.
We really had to search for a place for them
to relax and play a bit.
So we took a stop in a car museum,
not that far from the Brandenburger gate.

 It was very spacious with interactive platforms and games.
The newest Car Technology, a restaurant with bar and a cool kids corner. So everybody was happy.


The kids could run around a bit,
color, jump from one beanbag to another

and we could just relax and warm up.
Last day, we only did fun things with the kids.
We went to Santa Claus on the Fernsehturm,
which was expensive I thought for just the view.
And we took them to the Xmas fair which they absolutely loved.


Before we had to catch our flight, we did a bit of shopping
and I got this Tutu dress from my baby. 💗
Time to go back home, to catch up a bit of sleep 😲
But on the airport, we had a bit of a disaster going on:
We had to leave the stroller at the check-in!!
This never happened before so we thought the kids could sleep in their stroller and we just could board.
Normally you can ride with the stroller through the gate and they put it in the belly of the plain when you get in.
We had to walk all through the LONG gate without the stroller
and 4 bags and 2 tired kids. 😲😲😲 This was Hell!
We had to stop several times so that they would stop crying.
Luckily their was DORA, the lifesaver.
When we arrived at the plain,
they let us board first with small kids.

But really ask Ryanair before you book for a certain airport,
this I will never do again 😲😲😲
Maybe next time we just pay for 1 suitcase
instead of hand luggage or book with another tour operator.




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