First day of school !


Lot's of stress for mommy and daddy this morning
As if traffic was not enough, it started to rain on their first day of school! We arrived just on time.
They were very quiet, all those impressions and new faces.
We are not used to see them like this 😃
Mila bursted into tears after she came in class and the teachter closed the door. So Mommy started crying too and daddy also after seeing mommy cry .. 😓
We waited at the door to have a sneak peak through the keyhole and saw that Maroo is taking care of her sis, what a sweet little girl!

We picked them up around noon and they were so happy and excited.
The plan was to start with half days but they really wanted to go back so we did !
First day was already a wrap, couldn't be happier!
Oh yes did you notice their awesome
schoolbags from jeune premier.
It was not easy to find a really cool and fashionable backpack but I bumped into this brand and loved it immediately.
And YES It's a Belgian brand, relatively now.
Online shop:


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