La Promesa


For the second time I went to "La Promesa" in Zele.
Really the best place if you want to gossip with your girlfriends.
Order a freakshake, just 1 is enough 😃 SUGAR BOMB
After that a cocktail will fix the thirsty feeling
And you really really really need to try the grilled nacho's with bicky sauce, Mmm so jummy, we could stay there!
It's a bit crowded if you want to go in the weekend
and sometimes you even have to wait to get a free spot.
I wouldn't recommend to go there with little children either, because it's a bit small but it has his charm.

We always go on weekdays around opening time, it's still calm and you can choose your seat.

It's the coolest place for double dating too, guys can drink Gin & Tonic and girls can choose between shakes or cocktails.
The bar has a wide range of different G&T's & other drinks. 
It definitely put Zele on the map! 
Enjoy your Freakshake ladies (or guys)


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