From Paris with Love

Valentine's weekend in Paris 💗
We really needed some quality time with the two of us,
away from all the craziness the last months.
So I booked us a weekend in Paris, the city of love!

We stayed in the Paris Bastille-Boutet Hotel,
a luxury 5 star hotel in the heart of Paris. 
The staff is so friendly to help you plan your day,
they speak also English cuz my French is not so much on point 😆
Modern clean room with a very comfy bed,
we slept like a baby!
Those sheets and pillows, so soft!
Oh really I wanted to stay an extra day
just to sleep all day long in that bed!
Breakfast is served in buffet style
and has enough choice, all fresh products.

I loved the Spa with a Turkish bath,
sauna and heated swimming pool.
Fitness Room with decent equipment
and a bar with free water bottles.

The boyfriend was a huge fan of the Nespresso machine in the room, the big shower and the lighting in the closet. 😤

What else should you visit on your first day
than the Eiffel tower and the Louvre.
In every city we go, we visit a Cathedral
where we light up a candle for my lost brother
So this time we went to the Notre Dame,
really beautiful Cathedral.
There was a church service going on in the meanwhile.
One of the highlights of our trip
was the evening we spent at Sacre Coeur.

When we were taking the steps upstairs,
we thought just the see an amazing view.
 But we heart people singing, everybody was sitting on the steps, enjoying the music, drinking a beer and singing a long.
It was such a cool vibe from the highest point of Paris.
There was a singer in front of the steps and you could ask for a certain song or just sing the song yourself.
There were people selling beer on the steps,
I felt back 18 year in front of the campfire with a group of friends, real cool :)
One of the girls started singing "Rolling in the deep" from Adele.
WOW this was so amazing, I couldn't believe that we were singing songs with the sacre couer behind us and the view of Paris in front of us.
But watch out for thiefs over there!
They try to sell you bracelets for huge prices buy taking your arm and start braiding around it.
Second day we went to Place de tetre to enjoy the art.
And I really wanted a painting from the two of us.
You can make a deal with the artist,
let them draw one of you and if you don't like it,
you don't have to buy it.
On place de tetre, you have also some romantic restaurant's
We ate in one of them, but I don't remember the name.
The whole evening, there was a guy playing the piano and singing.
I asked him to play a song of Elvis and he did 💗

Last but not least, we went to the MOULIN ROUGE!
Because we were not really planning to go that evening,
we were not dressed for the occasion.
So first, they didn't allow us to enter because our ripped jeans.
But my guy did the best he could to get tickets and after talking to the manager, we got in!
The tickets are not cheap, but it's so worth the money!
I was so happy, it was something on my bucket list for a long long time.
All I can say about the show is: JUST GO AND ENJOY!!
You won't regret it, greatest show ever!



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