Disneyland Paris


We are back from our Disney trip
and again we had such an amazing time!
The kids absolutely love to meet Mickey & Minnie πŸ’•
And I just love being there, the whole princess vibe.
Feeling like a kid again and enjoy the fairytale.
This is still the most beautiful park I ever visited.
The themes are really amazing and I always wonder
how they get the park that clean!?
Even the staff has the most cool uniforms.
How awesome would it be to work in Disneyland???
I could shoot pictures here all day long.
No other words for Disneyland than
It was our second time we went with the kids.
And last year we had so much fun,
we decided to go back every year πŸ˜ƒ
We stayed in the Magic Circus Hotel,
 a 4-star themed hotel with a circus feel.

Very child friendly and just
a few minutes
from the Disney park by free shuttle.
The room was also in theme and more important clean.
The kids were crazy about the circus bed
and had a hard time deciding who slept up!
Because we stayed 2 nights, they switched beds
the second night. So both happy πŸ˜ƒ
It was the first time they slept in a bunk bed,
but did great.
No getting out of it in the middle of the night!

Breakfast is in buffet but I have to say,
not that great but not bad either.
Dinner you can have Γ  la carte or buffet.
Buffet is € 29, kids for free.
We chose for Γ  la carte


Last year, we slept 1 night in Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch
A cabin in the woods with separate bedrooms,
kitchen, bathroom, parking place in front of the bungalow.
We really enjoyed our stay here because of the relaxed vibe
and the flexibility the bungalow gives you.
We brought our own breakfast and made spaghetti in the evening.

When you stay in one of the Disney hotels,
you have the privilege to enter the park before opening hour.
It opens at 10, but you can already enter from 8 o'clock.
This was for us a huge advantage and is also the reason
why we would book again in one of the Disney hotels.
Maybe a bit more expensive, but these 2 extra hours give you the time to do lot's of more attractions in the morning without much visitors. And off course make beautiful shots πŸ“·
One disadvantage is
that you have to use your car to drive to the park. There is no shuttle bus, so you need to pay for the parking.

First day, we did the Disney Park.
Our favourite theme is off course "Fantasyland".
Here you have the most attractions for little kids
and we just love the princess theme πŸ’•
A must-do here is 'It's a small world',
a musical boat tour with dolls from
all over the world that sing and dance.

The kids also loved:
* Dumbo, the flying Elephant (Fantasyland)
Le Carrousel de Lancelot (Fantasyland)
* Mad Hatter's Tea Cups (Fantasyland)
* La Cabane des Robinson (Adventureland)


Because the waiting line was too long
we didn't do these, but are definitely fun with little kids:

* Peter Pan's flight
* Les Voyages de Pinocchio

Off course they wanted to meet Minnie, so we did.
We waited for like 45 minutes to take a picture with her.
The characters take the time to make it an unforgettable memory for the kids and they are very funny and sweet!
They hugged Minnie for at least 2 minutes.
They were in heaven! That makes me a happy mommy πŸ’•



In the program you can find where the characters are hiding.

Actually even when you don't pay attention,

you will at least bump into one of the characters in the park.

We met Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Belle.
We saw lot's of other characters too but the girls didn't knew them, like the Queen of hearts (Alice in Wonderland),
Jafar (Alladin), some Star wars Figures I didn't knew myself.

With Belle we were very lucky.
Because we saw the movie and the musical,
Mila is a big fan of Belle and the Beast.
So when she spotted Belle, she really wanted
to meet her and give her a kiss.
This was not so easy, cuz the queue was already closed.
I asked if we could stand in line,
but unfortunately we couldn't.
Belle had to go for 10 minutes and
it became easily 20 minutes.
Still Mila didn't want to go.
She had to see Belle again, so we waited πŸ˜²
When she came back, I asked again if she could meet her.
The woman said lot's of people had to still see her who were standing in line for more than 1 hour.
Mila was so disappointed and kept staring at Belle.
The woman saw that she was so unhappy about it
and asked Belle if she could just give her a kiss.
That face of my little cutie pie was just EVERYTHING!!!
My heart was melting.. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
The happiness of that kid for just 1 kiss.
So she ran to Belle, gave her a kiss
and came back running to me.
Happy as could be!!
Mission Accomplished and that's why we Love Disney so much!
Because of the 25th Anniversary of Disney,
Mickey presents in his glittery costume several times a day
a Happy Anniversary performance at the Royal Castle stage.
Song and dance at the fabulous fountain,
shooting water in time with the music.
For the kids the ultimate moment to see
all the Disney characters and the beautiful setting!

 Every day the 'Stars on Parade' passes by around 17h30.
This is also a must-see!!
If you think "Aalst Carnaval" has a beautiful parade,
you didn't see the Disney parade! 

Second day, we went off to the Walt Disney Studios.
This park is more about entertainment & movie scenes.
It's a bit smaller, but yet lot's to do & see!
If I had to choose I probably pick the Studios,
it has a cooler vibe, you really feel like in Hollywood!

My major number 1 here is:
"Mickey and the Magician"
(Animagique Theater)
This was a trip to memory lane for me.
The keyword was "MAGIC"
So think of Genie in a bottle (Alladin),
Godmother Fairy (Cinderella), Lumière (Belle & the Beast),
Rafiki (Lion King), Olaf (Frozen).

The best part is the scene of the Lion King
"Circle of Life"
Huge puppetry animals with visible actors walking around the stage and between the seats. That song gives me goosebumps!
In the meantime Rafiki appears on top of a bamboo Pride Rock.
So so so so BEAUTIFUL WOW !!!
Along with “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”, “Be Our Guest”,“Friend Like Me” and “Let It Go”, this show is just AMAZING!!!
The kids were quiet the entire time πŸ˜ƒ

Another great experience for the little ones is:
'Disney Junior Live on Stage!'
(Production Courtyard)

An interactive singing & dancing show
starring with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & the gang.
While sitting on the carpet, bubbles come from above
or leaves are falling down from a tree.
One disappointment is the language.
Only a French or English version but
still they got up and danced together with Mickey!

We also did the 'Stitch Live!' show,
but this is no recommendation.

Again an interactive show, with funny chats
BUT Stitch makes such loud and annoying noises.
It's not pleasant to be their if you don't
understand a word..

Because of the 25th anniversary,
there is a huge Star Wars show at the Production Courtyard
Live Star Wars Characters and special effects bring
an almighty demonstration of galactic powers &
Stormtroopers are patrolling the streets.
If you are a big Star Wars fan, dreams come true in Disney!
This show is really cool & impressive,
even if you don't know anything about Star Wars like I do.
Could be frightening for little ones,
especially Chewbacca (the big hairy character),
that walks through the crowd and the loud bangs.
May the force be with you!

These are fun attractions to do with little kids:
* Cars Quatre Roues Rallye
* Flying Carpets Over Agrabah
* Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
* Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic
* Ratatouille: The Adventure
* Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

I was no fan of the 'Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop'
and thought it was still to dangerous for my babies
but daddy had another opinion and took them on it!
At first they were really excited, yelling and screaming
and the attraction didn't even started πŸ˜ƒ
I was more nervous than them! 😲
For me it looked like they were sitting very loose,
but daddy insured me that they were fastened.
So they took off for the Parachute drop 25 metre high
and as I was expecting, scared as hell !
But yet they didn't cry at all, just pinched daddy πŸ˜‹
So this was all about our awesome Disney trip,
we hope to go back next year and
here are some other useful tips:
* Try to eat between 14h30 & 15h30 to avoid
huge waiting lines at the different restaurants.
* Restaurant prices ($$$) are shown on the map of the park
* Single riders usually don't have to wait long (5-10 min)
* Use fast-passes and come back later
* When you want to see the parade, make sure you are in Mainstreet 20 minutes before the start. 
* Leave the stroller at the exit of a attraction,
not at the entrance.
* Check the programme online before your stay
so you have an idea of your day schedule.
You can never do all in 1 or 2 days.
* If you want to book a dinner with the Disney characters,
do it before your trip, could be full otherwise.
* When you want a good castle picture, wait your moment &
take the picture at the roundabout before the castle.
(good angle and not lot's of people on your picture)
* We always bring their own Disney Toys,
cuz the price of the stuffed animals are around € 29.
* We bought the Minnie ears last year (€ 13) and brought them with us again. I cut off the white lable cuz it looks weird otherwise.
Hope these tips help to enjoy your stay as much as possible!!



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