Safety First!

Keep your kids safe by personalising their stuff!


The kids went on their first school trip today
Very cool for the girls but a bit scary for mom.
I definitely have faith in their teacher
but certain questions are popping up in my head:
Will they stay with the group?
Do they count the kids every single time?
What if they are left behind?
As a Mom, you know it only takes 2 seconds
to lose them out of your sight.
So to be sure, I let them wear a super handy bracelet.

You have it in all different colors,
2 sizes and most important:
a kids ID tag.
The tag comes in silicone or steel.
I let the kids choose their own bracelet,
so they would love to wear it and
not see it as a necessity.
You can add 5 lines to the tag
this is the layout I chose:
* Full name
* Nationality + Language
* Date of birth
* Mama:
* My phone number
When we are on holiday,
people always ask us which language we speak
because they can't figure it out.
So I thought it would be good to put it on the tag too.
But when you rather put a second phone number on the tag
or your kids allergies, it's possible.

I think this is a very good option for kids this age,
they love to wear bracelets and mom feels more safe.
The bracelet's you can order here.

Ready to go on school trip
with their
personalized backbags
 As it wasn't enough, I bought them some very
cool bikini for at the beach!
Every year you hear about several kids be missing
at the Belgian coast or on holiday.
I'm so scared it would happen to us,
so I was thinking how about personalizing their swim gear?
When they get lost, (hopefully not!)
people know their name and have my phone number.
I found this cool website where you can pimp
every piece of clothing you want.
The tiny bikini's are just the bomb.
I chose a neon Pink & Yellow one.
The lettering is with glittering,
but you can choose lot's of different colors,
with or without glitters.
You can add 2 text lines.
I put my phone number under their name.
The bikini's are very good quality
I also love the neon orange bag that came with it.
Definitely gonna order here again!
Link to the bikini's.
Hope it helps to keep your kids safe!
XO 10A 
Winner of the giveaway is AurĂ©lie Martens
Stuur mij maar een mailtje!


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