Young Talents

Recently I had a great collab
with some young talented people
and I thought it would be cool
to show you guys what's going on

So mix up a fashion designer,
MAC artist, beauty manager, blogger and
you get this awesome look!

Make-up was done by the talented Julie Seghers,
a make-up artist who's homebased in Aalst
and already showed us some great work.
In need of a MAKE UP ON FLEEK moment,
contact her on Instagram

Products are from Cent pur Cent
All available in COOP Mooi & Gezond shop.

People who are interested in a Make up workshop,
there are still some seats available

When? 1 December 2017
Products? Cent pur Cent
Where? Kalandeberg 4, 9000 Gent
Theme? Holidays
Price? free

The shirt I'm wearing is from Arvale by Heden,
a young fashion designer based in Ghent.
New collection is coming online soon
AVL on Instagram

Concept by Severine Pluym,
shopmanager @ COOP Mooi & Gezond
Wanna meet this beauty, visit her shop.
She is always happy to help you and
give you some personal advice.



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